"We are a club lacrosse program for boys and girls that focuses on the proper fundamentals of the game and most importantly having fun while we play. We offer training, leagues, and travel teams. Our boys program is Arrow Lacrosse and the girls are Lightn

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Why Fall Pick up games

For over 10 years Arrow and Lightning Lacrosse have been offering indoor lacrosse programming. A few programs promote that they have innovated the game in Western PA, but it just isn't so.  Actually, the Arrows owners played box back in the late 1980s at Tri-County in pick-up fashion. From then to now one thing was apparent, the better players played in the offseason.  Why?  Multiple reasons.  First, you tend to get the lacrosse-obsessed players.  The ones that just want to play.  They don't care where or when.  They just love to have a stick in their hands!  Indoor/outdoor, backyard/stadium, real stick/mini stick.  They just love the game.  The second reason is to develop skills.  Playing develops skills.  Players are forced to make quick decisions.  They need to learn to be creative with their stick skills and learn to pass and play fast.  These skills translate and make for better field players.  The list can continue to go on, but we think you get the point.  We continually have been told that the girls that played winter excelled on the field in the spring.  Good job girls!!!!

We also get asked why do we just play a game and not have a 30-minute instruction period followed by a 30-minute game.  Simply we don't think 30 minutes is enough time to properly instruct players.  Really, think about it.  It takes five minutes for kids to get on the field and coaches to be ready, which cuts down on instruction. Then you need to transition to playing the game which takes time.  You have to get kids off the field and organized on the bench.  We say for leagues just play the game. We offer academies and clinics during the year that focus on skill development. It helps us a better breakdown how to be a better player.  

So for late Fall 2021, we are offering a  game at the 7/8th, and two High School level games.  The games will be played on Tuesday evening starting 11/16 and going six weeks through 12/21 at Lakevue in Valencia.  7/8th game at 6 PM and High School games at 7 PM and 8 PM.    The cost will be $125 and include coaches.  The games will be an 8v8, played indoors on turf.   Please visit the registration tab to register.