To provide youth lacrosse players of North Hills an extened chance to play lacrosse after the spring season ends.

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After 8 years we are moving to a new location.  Not to worry it's right next door! This winter we will be moving into the NEW Dome at Wildwood Highlands.  In order to accommodate the new facility, we are adjusting our schedule a bit for this year.  The games will be played on Friday night versus Saturday morning.  This year we will have a game for three age groups only.  Next year we will be able to expand to younger age brackets.  

6 v 6 Lacrosse Schedule:

Revised schdeule will be released once we recieve it from the facility.  

Boy's schedule

5/6th grade 5-6PM Friday evenings

7/8th grade 9-10PM Sunday Evenings

High School 9-10PM Sunday Evenings


This will be a hybird field/box game.  The new facility has a field that is 120x70 yards.  We will be holding our games on a third of the field width wide.  Much like our summer league at LaRoche College.  Instead of using 6x6 goal we will use 4x4 and box goalies.  We will allow moving screens and all players will be able to be runners.  This league will be short sticks and focus on stick skills and footwork.  Don't worry long poles, it will make you a better player.  

Our registration will be limited this season to 28 players per division.  Each week we will divide the players up by different criteria.  Our goal is always to make the games competitive and fun. 




Arrows Winter Lacrosse League at Wildwood Highlands

All Arrows indoor leagues are  6v6 hybird lacrosse. Each team will get one, 50 minute game. 


  • We run one five-week session for this season.
  • We offer a boys league for 5th/6th grade, 7/8th grade and High School.  
  • Each age group will play one game per week.    
  • We use certified referees and have an on-site medic/trainer.
  • We stress safety first and NO BODY, TAKE OUT CHECKING.  Repeat offenders ejected without refund.
  • All games are 50 minutes with two 25 minute halves. The clock starts on the hour for each game. 
  • Goalies will be provided for each team.   
  • You are signing up as an individual.
  • Cost is $100  (no processing fees)


Why Hybird Lacrosse and just a game?

For over 9 years Arrow and Lightning Lacrosse have been offering indoor lacrosse programming.  A few other local programs promote that they have innovated the game in Western PA, but it just isn't so.  Actually the Arrows coaches played box back in the late 1980's at Tri-County in pick up fashion. From then to now one thing was apparent, the better players played lacrosse often.  Why?  Multiple reasons.  First, you tend to get the lacrosse obsessed players.  The ones that just want to play.  They don't care where or when.  They just love to have a stick in their hands!  Indoor/outdoor, backyard/stadium, real stick/mini stick.  They just love the game.  The second reason is to develop skill.  Playing develops skill.  Players are forced to make quick decisions.  They need to learn to be creative with their stick skills and learn to pass and play fast.  These skills transition and make for better field players.  The list can continue to go on, but we think you get the point.  

We also get asked why do we just play a game and not have a 20 minute instruction period followed by a 40-minute game.  Simply we don't think 20 minutes is enough time to properly instruct players.  Really, think about it.  It takes five minutes for kids to get on the field and coaches to be ready, that cuts down on instruction. Then you need to transition to playing the game which takes time.  You have to get kids off the field and organized on the bench.  We say for leagues just play the game. We offer academies and clinics during the year that focus on skill development. It helps us better breakdown how to be a better player.   


With all the options out there, what makes Arrows lacrosse leagues any better than the others? 

We think the answer is simple, we care. That is on many fronts.

First and foremost is safety. We have always used certified referees and medics. It costs us a bit more but is well worth the piece of mind. We are a no body checking or take out check league. Winter is a time to hone your skills, try new skills and get better as a player. It is not time to worry about getting blown out by an opposing player.  

As owners of this company and parents we get "it" -- To us, leagues and teams are not just about getting a check or making an out-of-state corporate office happy. We truly love this game and want to help everyone get better at it. We also have more experience playing and coaching than other groups. For sure we are a little bit older, but with that comes experience. We have seen the evolution of lacrosse in Western PA and have helped shape its change. We do not have a big marketing budget to send out fancy looking emails, we believe that what we put on the field speaks for its self.

As always we thank you for your support now and in the future.