"We are a club lacrosse program for boys and girls that focuses on the proper fundamentals of the game and most importantly having fun while we play. We offer training, leagues, and travel teams. Our boys program is Arrow Lacrosse and the girls are Lightn

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It is our mission to provide a program for every level of lacrosse that consists of solid fundamental play at its core, and safety and fun as its main ingredients. We pride ourselves on providing good value to our parents and players.

About our programs:

"Learn to Play" is designed for brand new and second-year players. This is a "Sticks Only" program that builds a strong foundation for future success.

The Winter Box lacrosse is our most popular program. We have both boys and girls leagues that are aged base.  We combine the fast pace and limited space of "box" lacrosse and limited contact of field lacrosse.  Our location is easy to get to and only minutes from North Park at Wildwood Sports Park

"Boys and Girls Summer League"  is a fun evening program located at LaRoche College. We play 7v7 on the turf and have a great time.  Games develop skills and friendships.  We typically have about 225 athletes participate between boys and girls.  Our league provides the opportunity to play a simple game once a week for six weeks.  The goal is to keep a stick in kids' hands during the off-season.  

"Arrows Academy" we designed and started the academy as a year-round program to provide training to players wishing to reinforce fundamentally sound lacrosse and take the next step at playing a higher skill level.  The program will focus on core aspects of the game and position-specific skills.  Trainees will be asked to examine their strengths and weaknesses and develop goals to be better players.  We also will work with the trainees on the psychological aspects of lacrosse and how to develop a positive attitude that brings forward a team player approach.  Lacrosse is both a physically and mentally demanding sport academy trained players will be prepared to handle situations on the field with leadership, strength, and conviction.